General Update

Sam went to the doctor today and they are going to refer him to First Steps to evaluate his hearing and speech delay. Other than that he is a very healthy and happy boy. Very tall. 99.93 percentile… wow. They didn’t seem too worried about his speech delay, but def agreed that it does need looked at.

Evan is being slowly moved to days and even though it’s 10 cents less per hour it will be better for us and for me.

I have been having trouble sleeping and drinking a lot of chamomille tea almost every night just to relax, but I get super sleepy during the day… totally lame. I have also been going through a flare-up and since drinking more water and less meat I do notice it’s a bit more manageable. Still hurts like. Hell, though.

I haven’t totally cut out poultry, but been buying cage free products and vegetarian fed hens.

I had meat today, but before that we all went several days without meat and I’m damn proud. I plan on eating no meat tomorrow.

I’m still losing weight. My jeans that were the only ones left that fit are def getting lose on me. I haven’t tried the other jeans yet because the button came off on one and the zipper is broke on the other one. Lovely, huh? Well, I guess I need to learn how to do alterations, because I can’t afford buying new clothes.

My boobs are still bigger, though. *le sigh* I am not as happy about this as Evan is. Lol

Oh! Pottermore is FINALLY out of beta and open to the public!!! Very excite!

Annnnnd… that’s been my life the past week or so. Sounds boring,I know, and it may be to some (and me sometimes, lol) ,but I love my life and the people in it. :)