• communicate: talk about things, the good and bad.
  • build trust.
  • be honest.
  • be faithful.
  • be there for one another.
  • make time for one another.
  • leave the past to the past, which include ex’s.
  • know that having arguments is normal.
  • know that you won’t always be happy.
  • don’t…

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I really don’t get some people in relationships.

I don’t get how you can go from one person to another back to back.

I don’t get going back to bad relationships.

I don’t get sex within the first few months of a relationship.

I don’t get cheating with someone you love and want to stay with.

I don’t get excessive PDA. (Ew)

I don’t get having a divorce before your first year anniversary. (Not counting cases of abuse)

I don’t get feeling so lonely, but refusing to find a partner.

I don’t get getting knocked up by one guy, and pregnant by another before your baby is 4 months old.

I don’t get ‘giving up on love’ after a few bad relationships.

And, you know what? If I know you personally… you probably fit in one of those. And I’m sorry, but I don’t get it.

Finding a partner is no easy task, and keeping one might be harder, but it’s a sacred (well, I think it should be) relationship. I don’t believe in soul mates, per say, but I believe that you can be destined to be with someone, or become soul mates after years of love and devotion to each other.
I believe in trying to keep that relationship-that part of you pure. That’s why I’m not against premarital sex, but casual sex isn’t something I view as good. Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of it, but I also regret it. Even more so when I started dating Evan.

Now, we didn’t have sex until our wedding night, but we’d ‘fooled around’ before. I just think you should establish certain things and be in love and commited before you open up physically.

I also think that getting a divorce before you even celebrate your 3rd, 2nd, or 1st anniversary that you’ve given up WAY too quickly. You can spout almost every excuse to why, but I know you didn’t give counseling a try. Marriage counseling can take years, but it also can work, too.

I could go on and on about these, but I don’t want to make my friends mad at me. It is just troubling to see most of my friends doing these things to themselves. And, some of the things just bug me. Like, the PDA. Evan and I still get all makey-outey… but in private. A hug, a kiss or two, and cuddling is all fine in public. It’s the grouping, can’t stop licking and eating each other’s faces I hate. Gross. That shit is only fun when you’re doing it, not watching it.

Evan and I were friends for several years before we started dating, and he had a serious problem with PDA with his partners. It was nasty. Lol.