An update on my little man.

This blog use to be pretty much about him. I have since moved away from that and made it a blog about be and my life.

I have been thinking about making another blog for my kid(s), but I just don’t think I would keep up with it.

Monday I am making an appointment for a check-up. We were denied Medicaid several times and finally got it a week ago. Luckily, he is a very healthy little boy and hasn’t really needed a doctor. But, I want his pedi to make an appointment to get his ears looked at and see a speech pathologist.
You see, he is speech delayed and the words he does use is very dutchy sounding. Sometiimes only Evan and I can understand him. A mojority of his cousins have had to have tubes put in their ears right around Sam’s age now. I wonder if his delay is due to a similar problem, but I don’t really know. He’s never had an ear infection-shoot, he’s never really gotten sick. He seems to only get sick when he teeths.

I (and my dad) didn’t even start talking until we were three, so, my family thinks his speech will come when he’s ready. And, they may be right, but it’s kind of disheartening to see kids his age speak full sentences, while he only says a few words.

All that being said; he’s a smart boy. He understands what I say, and points and drags me along to communicate. He loves bathtime and brushing his teeth. He knows what I am saying when I talk about it. I can ask him if he’s hungry or thirsty or if he wants to go upstairs or outside. He does things when I ask him to. So, we know he can, at least, hear enough to understand us.

He can say, hi, bye, drink, truck, big (a new one), love you, hot, no, and he can meow, bark, ribbit, and roar like a dragon. Lol.
He loves horses and babbles everytime he is near one.

Speaking of babble- don’t think he is quite… that is not true, he babbles all the time and he sings, too. So, I am not worried about autism or anything like that, but I am ready to get his speech delay addressed more aggresively, just to be sure.