Got my desk today.

Trying to fit social media fun, decorate my desk, and eat a sandwich in an hour lunch break.


Went shopping yesterday and found the cutest things. I found an outfit that I would wear in the office or out with friends.

Oh, the things I get excited about.

So, other than that I don’t know what’s new with me. Trying to settle into this job, Evan is trying to settle into his new role as Stay At Home Dad during the week and work the weekends.

I really don’t know how much time we’ll have for each other, but we’ll find a way.

Hoping that I can go out and celebrate with one of my first paychecks. :)


  • communicate: talk about things, the good and bad.
  • build trust.
  • be honest.
  • be faithful.
  • be there for one another.
  • make time for one another.
  • leave the past to the past, which include ex’s.
  • know that having arguments is normal.
  • know that you won’t always be happy.
  • don’t…

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Such a wonderful night.

Today Evan and I drove out to a nice spot around 9pm, cranked the radio, and just laid on the hood and watched the stars. For almost 2 hours. It was wonderful. Sometimes we joked and talked about philosophy and such (like normal) and other times we just laid there-holding hands.

Also, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter have been visible for several days. I usually can’t spot that many planets in one night and I have seen the three of them for several days now.

I love night time. :)

Picnik is moving… I need a place to put my photos and I’m taking advantage of the premium features. I will be posting masses of photos sporadically (when I get a chance to get to a laptop). So, just bear with me.  

We had a great Christmas.

The only bad thing is that Evan had to go to work tonight…

…. so, no Christmas sex for me. :/

It was snowing today!

It was snowing today!

Just hanging out. What’s up Tumblr?

Just hanging out. What’s up Tumblr?

My type of relationship.

I love being in the type of relationship where you’re so comfortable around each other you don’t feel awkward doing anything. You can be weird and lame together, act like the best of friends and the happiest of couples. A relationship where you can call each other names and pick on each other and laugh it off and hug it out right after. A relationship where you can just be yourself and not have to worry what your partner thinks. I love that.

This is Evan and me; wholly and completely. We make each other laugh everyday. I don’t go a day without him telling me how beautiful I am. He never ceases to make sure I know that I matter. I’ve never known someone so intimately. And I don’t think anyone knows me as much as he does. Some days I can’t believe what we have and on more than one occasion we have talked about how we have what some people may never find. It’s a blessing, to say the least. I love you, Evan. ;)

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Taking a walk/playing in the woods.