Took my son to the playground today.

Omg, does that guy get hyper at the playground.

So, I’m watching my son and there are a bunch of kids there and only one other adult in close proximity. Eventually, he (the other adult) comes up to me and we start some friendly adult chit-chat. The usual. Then he starts asking how long I’ve lived around here and that he usually knows everyone. (I should note that this playground it located just outside the townhouses where I live).

Now, I kinda am wondering where he is going with this, but assume BEFORE he asks me out or if I’m even available he would check my left hand… because that is where my WEDDING ring is.

Nope. This man asks me if I am availiable. I says no, sorry. He seems pretty let down, so I feel bad and tell him I’m sorry. He was a nice looking man, and had I been single I would have gone out on a date with him, but, being (very) happily married, I declined.

But, here is what got me… as soon as it is established that I am not single he leaves immediatly without so much as a goodbye…. AND.

AND, apparently this guy was just hanging out at the playground childless because he leaves and goes out of sight with not a child in tow.